General Information...
    Cluster-X is a MS-Windows application that has its roots in a computational linguistics university     project that dealt with the problem of grouping similar documents via a method called clustering,
    hence the name Cluster-X. But development did not stop at that point. Cluster-X is now an
    evolving application that will incorporate every new technique the two developers are to
    master at university courses.

    Recent News...

    At this very moment the authors are working on modules dealing with...

      + POS Tagging with "Hidden Markov Models" (finished but not yet integrated) (Dominik Henn)
      + Parsing based on a "Maximum Entropy Framework" (Ratnaparkhi - 1998)
      + NP Chunking with "Support Vector Machines" (Torben Pastuch)

    The next events taking place are:

      + Cluster-X V2.0 will be released around July 1st
      + A presentation introducing Cluster-X V2.0 and the recently added modules
         will be hold on July 1st at the university of Heidelberg/Germany at the LCL

    Future plans are to integrate the following features:

      + A stemming module
      + Topic extraction
      + Module to resolve anaphora and negations